Hong Kong Warns Danger to Taiwan!

 Hong Kong air traffic controllers have issued a warning to Taiwan about the dangers that will befall the airways to Taiwan-controlled islands in the South China Sea.

In this regard, the issue has raised concerns that Beijing may try and block the small islands.

Tensions in the Pratas Islands, in the northern part of the captured South China Sea, have risen in recent weeks, with China conducting several military exercises near them.

Yesterday, Taiwan revealed that public charter flights usually continue their journey to Pratas until the Hong Kong air traffic controller tells the captain that there is dangerous activity going on under 26,000 feet and the aircraft cannot enter.

The Hong Kong Department of Civil Aviation said it had told Taiwan air traffic controllers about the minimum height of safety to be emphasized for the flight, and then Taiwan had decided to cancel the request to enter Hong Kong flight information territory.

However, the Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration published a full transcript of a conversation between air traffic controllers and claimed that Hong Kong seemed to be hiding the real events in the islands.

However, Hong Kong did not want to submit any response on the issue.

In this regard, Taiwan Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang revealed that they were working to investigate whether China was the mastermind behind the incident.