North Korean Documentary Triggers Panic Sweden And Denmark Sweden Examples of Sweden the capital of Sweden

 North Korea's actions once again sparked panic among large countries, particularly Sweden and Denmark, which claimed the region was trying to bypass sanctions.

The allegations by the two countries are based on a documentary aired on Sunday on BBC and Nordic television channels.

Telling about North Korean territory, the documentary The Mole features a Danish chef, Ulrich Larsen and a defense officer who is now an actor, infiltrating North Korea’s secret base for nearly a decade.

What is worrying is that through the documentary, the Danish and Swedish Foreign Ministers found that the content featured a number of activities related to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

As a result, Sweden and Denmark are determined to bring the issue to the attention of members of the United Nations Restriction Committee, including the European Union (EU).

Focusing on the essence of the documentary, Larsen managed to obtain evidence that North Korea avoided the international sanctions imposed by the UN, namely the ban on exporting and importing weapons from the country.

This high-risk documentary not only features high-profile individuals, but also involves fraud and fake deals that are supposedly a petrol business between an island's underground weapons factory in Uganda and businessmen from Jordan.

Part of this documentary was filmed using a hidden camera.

Denmark and Sweden do not want to look at this matter with one eye as the documentary has raised a variety of questions and problems that have no solution.