PM Johnson: Investors Need Not Worry, This I Promise To Be Profitable Many Parties!

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a promise on Tuesday that he would give priority to transforming Britain over resolving the ‘status quo’ issue after the Covid-19 crisis was addressed by developing more homes, improving education, combating crime and supporting the green economy.

In the face of criticism, Johnson even displayed a vision for Britain where the UK economy has declined significantly due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. He added with confidence that he would address issues such as housing, education, employment and crime.

Johnson also said that the UK transformation plan is more important than the status quo as it addresses the status quo full of difficulties and frustrations.

Although Johnson sowed convincing promises, he was faced with criticism from critics who questioned how steps would be taken to realize the promises that had been made.

The GBP has shown a slight strengthening against the US dollar after Johnson's speech report.