UK Ministers Stubborn, People Suffer!

 The British government is now facing pressure when they allegedly ignored the advice of 3 weeks ago to implement stricter restrictions to reduce the increase in cases of coronavirus infection.

The Labor Party, which is the main opposition party, has exposed the government's failure to act in alarming situations and raises questions about the credibility of its latest plan to curb the spread of the virus.

According to England's chief medical officer, Chris Whitty said he was not convinced the latest move announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was effective in restoring the current situation as usual.

Previously, Johnson had introduced a three-tiered system that classified areas in England by infection rate, in an attempt to loosen a complex network of local restrictions.

Meanwhile, the northwestern city of Liverpool, which is the only location included in the category of highest infection cases, will prohibit household mixing and carry out pub closures starting tomorrow at least 4 weeks.

In addition, public health officials say the northern part of England is also said to be at high risk.

Next, scientists have recommended stricter action since last month. The government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency (SAGE) has also given a shortlist of viral interventions to ministers on September 21 for the immediate announcement.

Such actions include closing bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and personal services such as hairdressers, and changing all university and college tuition online.

But Johnson only accepted one of the 5 proposals, namely urging people to work from home.

Following that, he has received great criticism for being too slow to take action to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Worse was the number of deaths recorded by Britain with more than 43,000 casualties and the worst in Europe as well as nearly 14,000 new cases of infection reported across Britain on Monday, with an additional 50 deaths. Accordingly, the number of hospital admissions is now higher than when the national lockdown was introduced on March 23.