UK Willing To Leave EU Without Agreement - GBP Currency Traders Be Careful!

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman reported on Thursday that Johnson was ready to leave the European Union without a deal when the Brexit transition period came to an end. However, Johnson is still confident there is a deal to be made.

Johnson added that the UK administration has a clear commitment to reaching an agreement with the EU. But the main challenge at this point is the lack of time. On that basis, Johnson once again clarified that if the EU is unable to commit within a given period of time then no agreement will be reached.

Earlier, Boris Johnson said in a similar tone that Brexit without any agreement would be one of the best options as negotiations often end in a huge gap between the UK and the European Union (EU).

The deadline for the Brexit transition period will end on 31 December and UK ministers have rejected the idea of ​​extending the transition period despite the issue of the Covid-19 outbreak. This is because, the UK thinks that the UK withdrawal from the EU as planned will offer more stability to the business.

The pound sterling is still trading slightly stronger against the US dollar despite pressure still plaguing the European currency following concerns over the progress of the Brexit negotiations between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK).