Very stubborn US, Bill Gates is angry!

 The world's leading millionaire Bill Gates criticized the US response to the coronavirus, saying that the country was not committed to conducting tests and conveying a clear message on safe social practices such as wearing face masks.

Even President Donald Trump, recovering from Covid-19 himself, refused to wear a face mask and belittled Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in their first debate over wearing it.

In addition, Trump, who returned to campaign this week, has repeatedly rejected medical advice on the importance of undergoing quarantine and has even held rallies in the presence of the public. In addition, the US president also defended most of the individuals present at his recent campaign event, saying that they were outside, where coronavirus transmission was less contagious than inside.

Without mentioning Trump, Gates said that the US is not taking action by most countries many countries are adopting preventive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. Foundation founders Bill and Melinda Gates, who are working to address the complex global health challenges, say it has nothing to do with politics.

According to him, that is a technical matter, not a political matter. Most governments take advantage of their scientists and listen to their advice. They do not underestimate and even criticize health experts.

Not only that! The practice of wearing face masks in the United States is quite bad.

In addition, Gates also revealed that social measures such as wearing face masks, social distance and hand washing are the main tools to fight Covid-19 until a cure or vaccine is released there in large quantities.