Monday, November 16, 2020

6 Important Forex News The Market Supports This Week (16-20 November 2020)

 The following are some important economic data that will be the foundation of this week.

China Industrial Expenditure Data (Monday 10.00 AM): China's industrial spending will be the foundation of this week's latest reading for investors assessing the world's second-largest economy. Also published together are detailed sales data and unemployment rates.

Minit Mesyuarat Central Bank of Australia (Tuesday 8.30am): The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has lowered its benefit levels to its latest low of 0.10% after maintaining its beneficial levels at 0.25% since last March. Further details in the mines of mesyuarat will be examined by investors to obtain further signals from the central bank police.

US Retail Sales Data (Tuesday 9.30pm): With the pandemic contagion increasing in the United States it is likely to make an impression on user spending. The selling rate in October is expected to decline.

UK Inflation Data (Wednesday 3.00 PM): UK annual inflation rate is expected to remain unchanged at 0.5% level after increasing from previous reading.

Canadian Inflation Data (Wednesday 9.30 PM): Inflation rate in Canada remains at the lowest level following the impression of the slowing economy. Investors will be looking forward to the inflation rate at the latest reading.

Australian Employment Data (Wed 8.30am): Australia's employment sector will start to perform poorly if the economy loses 29,500 jobs again in September. The October job was also expected to record poor reading.