Human life is expected to be normal by the end of next year - BioNTech

 The BioNTech supervisor expects human life to return to normal by the end of next year following the impact of the new Covid-19 vaccine that will be produced in the future.

The BBC reports that Prof. Ugur Sahin as said, he also hopes the vaccine will reduce the transmission of the virus and also the number of cases.

Last week, BioNTech and co-builders with Pfizer announced preliminary analysis showed their vaccine had as much as 90% success. Approximately 43,000 took part in the last exam.

In an interview with the BBC's journalist, Sahin said further analysis would be made to show the vaccine could reduce human-to-human transmission as well as curb Covid-19 symptoms in a person's body.

"I am so sure that transmission between humans will be reduced by vaccines that have a high impression of effectiveness, maybe not 90% but maybe 50% but we should not forget that it can reduce pandemic transmission," he said.

Sahin added, if all goes well, the vaccine will begin to be distributed towards the end of this year or early next year.

He said the main objective was to deliver more than 300 million doses of vaccine around the world by April next year.

However, the vaccine produced by Sahin requires graduation from the authorities and will only be given if they are satisfied with the order and safety stages of the vaccine.

In addition, there is no data that shows the effectiveness of the vaccine, especially for the groups that need it the most, namely gold citizens.