Thursday, November 19, 2020

Apple was fined after being accused of intentionally sabotaging iPhone performance

 Apple Inc reportedly agreed to pay the US $ 113 million after being found to have deliberately reduced the performance of an older iPhone device when it was updated four years ago with iOS 10.2.1.

A total of 33 countries in the United States (US) have accused Apple of acting in such a way as to "encourage" users to purchase new iPhone devices.

Millions of users have reportedly been affected by a scandal known as "battery gate" in 2016, particularly those using iPhone 6, 7, and SE devices.

All 33 countries claim that Apple has deceived users and should offer a battery swap program or disclose the issue to users.

Apple, however, is reluctant to give any comments, but before this insists that the company is doing so to extend the life of the battery. Apple also denied that the action was for profit.

Apple also doesn't admit to any wrongdoing or violating the law. However, Apple agreed to provide the correct information regarding the management of iPhone power throughout the web page, updates of iPhone charging, and settings for three years.

On the last Mac, Apple was also directed to pay the US $ 500 million to a number of users due to the same issue.