Thursday, November 19, 2020

Vaccines More Effective? WHO Warns The World Is Not Saved

 Do not be too complacent with the emergence of the recent delays in vaccines because the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that the coronavirus vaccine will not fully help the world to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, especially during the winter in Europe and North America.

Feeling or not since Pfizer announced 90% of their vaccine order, has the media said that the sluggishness of the firm that claims their vaccine is more impressive?

Starting with the order of the Sputnik V vaccine and then Moderna, with a guaranteed 94%, was impressive. Most recently, Pfizer charges their vaccine is 95% memorable following recent data analysis.

Fuh ... this pharmaceutical firm dolphin wants to "win".

To distribute vaccines to the United States (US) and the rest of the world has taken a long period of time, months and at most maybe more than a year.

According to the WHO health anxiety program executive director, Dr. Mike Ryan, if humans rely solely on vaccines and violate compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) outlined around the world, the number of outbreaks will not drop to zero.

This means the vaccine being developed is part of the necessity to avoid continuous outbreaks.

So, compliance with social spacing, wearing a blindfold, avoiding crowded meetings, and hand hygiene is reasonable to continue with the use of the COVID-19 vaccine because this way, even though without the presence of the vaccine, the spread of the deputy has proven to be successful in preventing.