Friday, November 20, 2020

Beware, Trump Provides Last 'Gift' For China

 Chinese national media reported that Beijing was expecting a final attack from Donald Trump, following reports that the president was planning to show strength before he left office in January.

Bloomberg and Axios have previously reported that Trump is considering several moves against China before leaving the White House after losing to Joe Biden in the last election.

The actions to be taken by the president include further restrictions on party officials and institutions involved in China's repression of Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

In addition, the Trump administration is also reported to be fighting illegal fishing activities and protecting US technology companies from being exploited by Beijing.

Axios, meanwhile, reported that Trump would consider imposing sanctions on more Chinese-linked companies from U.S. investment.

Officials are also said to be looking further to impose action on the use of Chinese forced labor in the fishing industry.

Since Biden's victory was announced in the media, Trump has imposed new sanctions on several Chinese companies. Last week, he signed an executive order barring the U.S. from investing in 31 companies for alleged links to the Chinese military.