BNM International Reserves Reached US $ 104.9 Billion

 The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) reached US $ 104.9 billion on Nov 13 compared to US $ 104.6 billion recorded during October 30.

In a statement today, BNM said the reserve position was sufficient to finance 8.6 months of outstanding imports and 1.2 times the total short-term external debt.

According to BNM as quoted by Bernama, the main components of its international reserves are foreign currency reserves (US $ 95.2 billion), International Monetary Fund reserve position (US $ 1.4 billion), Special Drawing Rights (SDR; US $ 1.2 billion), gold (US $ 2.4 billion) and other reserve assets (US $ 4.7 billion).

These assets consist of gold and foreign exchange and include SDR amounting to RM435.95 billion; Malaysian government paper (RM10.98 billion); deposits with financial institutions (RM9.41 billion); loans and advances (RM17.41 billion); land and buildings (RM4.16 billion); as well as other assets (RM13.66 billion).

He added that capital and liabilities consist of paid-up capital (RM100 million); reserves (RM171.79 billion); currency in circulation (RM128.14 billion); deposits by financial institutions (RM144.09 billion), federal government deposits (RM12.32 billion), and other deposits (RM8.3 billion); Bank Negara paper (RM13.59 billion); SDR allocation (RM7.85 billion) and other liabilities (RM5.36 billion).