Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bill Gates Believes 50% of 'Business Travel' Will Be Wiped Out After COVID-19

 The manifestation of the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on the entire commerce industry including the aviation business.

In fact, many airlines around the world recorded losses of between $ 63 billion and $ 113 billion.

Co-founder with Microsoft, Bill Gates informed that his shortage of business travel and working time after finishing this term will be reduced more than what is generally expected.

"Business travel will shrink by more than 50% and more than 30% of working days for officials will be eliminated." he said in a publish with the New York Times' Dealbook.

Because of the coronavirus, the movement had to be expanded through the concept of prioritizing working from home, especially involving outside work and direct meeting.

Gates himself admits that his schedule is less dense because there are no more commercial matters that require him to break the boundaries.

Prior to this, Airlines for America had revealed that commercial travelers in the United States (US) had contributed half of the company's profits with only 30% of the journey.

However, Microsoft executive Judson Althoff said in October that business travel would record a surge as airlines also tried to recover from the impact of the pandemic.