Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Don't agree with Trump? You're Fired!

 President Donald Trump has fired the United States Agency for Cyber ​​Safety and Infrastructure Director Chris Krebs over the alleged false statement regarding the safety of the employee's 2020 highway choice.

Trump charged that there was massive fraud and fraud in the electoral process and criticized Krebs for rejecting any abuses he found.

He explained in his read on Twitter that he believed that a deceased person raffled in the election, as well as a glitch at the raffle machine that changed the lottery from Trump to Joe Biden, and more.

Prior to this, Krebs said that there was no evidence to suggest that the draw system was discarded or that there was any loss and change to the lottery or was in any way compromised as charged by the president.

Following that reality, Krebs signaled last week that he was expecting to be laid off for disagreeing with Trump.

Finally, as expected, the president fired the chief safety officer of the choice of highway in a tweet on his Twitter page on Tuesday.

Trump has repeatedly said the grand choice was a scam, even though there is no evidence to prove the suit and most state agencies and associations say the election is legitimate.