Thursday, November 19, 2020

Binance summons Two Forbes Journalists on the 'Tai Chi' Document

 Crypto currency exchange, Binance reportedly failed two Forbes Media journalists, Michael de Castillo and Jason Brett, on charges involving Bitcoin (BTC) fraud.

Through an article entitled, "Leaked 'Tai Chi' Document Reveals Binance's Elaborate Scheme To Evade Bitcoin Regulators", Forbes explained that the document was an outline of the design for taking revenue from US entities to Binance, at the same time the firm was 'saved' from the act of strengthening the country's power. .

Binance, in a report filed on Wednesday, confirmed the charges were untrue and constituted a slander.

Obviously Binance again, they did not frame the Tai Chi documents at all and never carried out the draft as charged in the article.

In fact, an individual named 'Harry Zhou' who supposedly worked at Binance never actually existed.

Binance demanded that the article be taken down from the web page and demanded damages and punishments against the individual responsible.

However, so now the article has not been retracted by Forbes. There is also an editor's note explaining the article is true and that Zhou is a former Binance employee.

Prior to this, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, was suing to protect the crypto tabloid, The Block continued a Twitter setup in November 2019.