Thursday, November 19, 2020

This is Xi Jinping's Promise for APEC Trade Partners!

 Chinese President Xi Jinping informed that the country would continue to lower its tariffs and expand imports of high-quality goods and services in addition to pledging to push for reforms and promote a growth model driven by innovation.

Xi informed the case in a speech conveyed via video at the APEC CEO Dialogue today ahead of the summit meeting of leaders of Asia Pacific countries regarding international economic cooperation on Friday, which Malaysia recommends as host.

The fact issued by Xi Jinping followed the signing of the world's largest free trade agreement, the Overseas Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by Beijing and 14 other Asian countries.

According to Xi Jinping, China will continue to reduce tariffs and institutional fees and increase high-quality products and services from all countries. However, no further details were given as to his statement.

He also denied that his country might break off or break away from the United States and other trading partners despite future tensions with Washington and Europe over technology and safety issues.

The president also rejected the possibility that Beijing might retaliate against US resistance to its technology company Huawei by seeking to separate their industry from global trading partners.