Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Crowded People Will Die - Biden

 The future President of the United States (US), Joe Biden, warned that the people might be victimized if President Donald Trump continued to struggle to leave his office.

Speaking in Delaware, Biden said coordination was needed to curb the coronavirus outbreak. He also stated that Trump's actions were very irresponsible.

"Does anyone understand about this? It's about saving lives, it's a matter of right, not hyperbole. Crowds of people will die if we don't cooperate, "he said in his remarks last night.

In addition, allies to Biden stated that Trump's insolence caused Biden's administration to be excluded from designing a vaccine distribution strategy.

Biden said, if the administration needed to wait so that January 20, namely the date of his inauguration as President to carry out the work related to the vaccine distribution program, they would be too late.

Pentadbiran Perkhidmatan Awam (GSA), a royal agency assigned to control the transition process for President Baharu, has not yet confirmed Biden and the future Naib President, Kamala Harris, as winners.

This action left Biden and Harris with no access to the royal announcements that were always given to future administrations.

Also hitting Trump was the former US First Lady, Michelle Obama on her romantic Instagram.

She described the difficulty in welcoming Trump to the White House four years ago after Trump spread a deception in the form of a word about her husband, Barack Obama, that put her family in danger.

“Our love for the country requires us to respect the decisions of the grand choice even though we don't like them or expect something different - the Presidential office is not owned by anyone or any party.

Michelle also asked the American people, especially the leaders of the country, without expecting a party to respect the electoral process and play a role in ensuring the transfer of power runs smoothly.