Tuesday, November 17, 2020

OMG! US-Iran Apparently Nearly Going To War On Sunday

 President Donald Trump was reported to have considered taking action to launch an attack on Iran's main nuclear facility last week, but his advisers have denied it.

Drawing on the reality of four employees during and past, The New York Times reported that a meeting between Trump and his advisers was held in the Oval Office on Thursday.

The day before that, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran's uranium stockpiles had reached 12 times the 300 kilograms set in the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, a nuclear agreement signed with the United States and five other countries in 2015. However, Trump has taken the US out of the way rather than the agreement in 2018.

According to the Times, Trump has asked his country's top safety adviser if the possibility exists or the best way to retaliate against Iran.

However, President Mike Pence's Naib, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and chairman of the Joint Commander General Mark Milley, convinced Trump not to carry out a military attack.

They reminded Trump that such an attack could spark a wider conflict with Iran ahead of his final days as President, according to The Times.

Despite this denial, Trump is said to be looking into plans to attack Iran's allies and assets, the report said.