Expect a High Bitcoin Spike This December!

 The Bitcoin candle for September closed above the $ 13,000 price level for the first time since 2017. Not only that, the dominant crypto asset showed a clear surge over the past two months.

Following that, Bitcoin is expected to be in the transition phase before the latest surge for December, based on two factors.

First, the asset is in a post-halving cycle.

Be aware, for every four years Bitcoin will experience a block reward situation (block reward) twice which will reduce the movement of new BTC mined by 50%.

Usually the BTC price will peak 14-16 months after the reduction for the previous two cycles. Therefore, it is not impossible that there will be the biggest surge in mid-2021.

Second, interest among new and regular retail investors is at a low level.

Most Bitcoin requests occur among the largest holders of the asset. The phenomenon contributes to the increase in volumes in Bitcoin derivatives markets such as CME, Bakkt and LedgerX, including centralized exchanges that offer futures trading.

For now, Bitcoin shows an uptrend for weekly and monthly charts with no sudden downtrend. If this BTC momentum continues to soar without any major correction, it will lead to increased mainstream interest.

Thus, based on the resilience of the Bitcoin price above $ 15,000 for the first time since 2017 and the high uptrend, added to the confidence of the asset surge in December