Thursday, November 12, 2020

Persevere Australia! This is the consequence of the Chinese Opposition

 Trade tensions between Australia and China worsened after Beijing stopped imports of timber from Victoria, less than a week after the unofficial ban on Australian exports came into force.

The decision was made after Chinese customs officials issued a notice on Wednesday, saying it had detected bark beetles on logs imported into China.

On Thursday morning, the Australian Forestry Products Association confirmed that Chinese customs authorities had issued a similar issue regarding the pests detected on the timber, resulting in an immediate cessation of imports.

These latest sanctions will certainly further affect the Australian economy which has been damaged by the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Portland port chief executive Greg Tremewen said the layoffs would have a huge impact on the Victorian economy.

He added that Portland Port has exported more than 1 million tonnes of timber annually and mostly to China where it is estimated to be worth $ 260 million a year.

It was also previously reported that restrictions had been imposed on Australian exports including lobster, barley, wine, copper and Australian coal although Chinese authorities had not officially confirmed it.

Meanwhile, Brad Coates, of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Unions blamed the latest sanctions on tensions between the two countries, which had been triggered by Australia calling for an investigation into China's origins of coronavirus.