Thursday, November 19, 2020

Final Phase of Brexit Talks! This is a matter that you need to know what is already in effect!

 The issue of Brexit is now on the verge of ending where the date to conclude the agreement or not only sticks in the forecast days and then discussed in the parliament. On that basis it is good to re-examine the Brexit issue about what has been so today.

On January 31, which has passed, the UK has officially left the European Union (EU). However, the UK is still under EU regulations and deeds until the end of the year. The additional 11 months from January are to give the two sides room to draft and negotiate a post-Brexit agreement.

Such an agreement would establish a future network for the UK with its European neighbors. Among the cases that became the main concern in the negotiations were issues related to trade and immigration. In principle, this trade negotiation will determine the regulations for UK-EU relations starting January 1, 2021.

Even though an agreement was reached, both parties had to go through discussions in the parliament to be passed. The negotiations so far have shown progress but several major issues are still at a deadlock. Among them are in the issue of water and trade regulations.

In fact, the end date is approaching and any agreement must be ratified by the European Parliment and UK before December 31st. On that basis, actually it only takes a few days to finish before entering the parliament for discussion.