Fortnite Adventure Now Back On The iPhone!

 Mobile gaming app Fortnite seems to be making a comeback on the iPhone after Apple acted to remove the app from the App Store and terminate its developer account, Epic Games.

However, the appearance of the video game this time is different from the previous one because iPhone users need to access the game through cloud gaming service, Nvidia which is GeForce Now.

Due to Apple's restrictions on streaming gaming services, Nvidia Corp. has expanded its GeForce service, which should be a standalone app to enable the platform to be supported by the Safari search site. The effort has been running since August.

Nvidia is expected to announce improvements to the GeForce Now service later this month with support for Apple's iOS.

Many consider this 'drama' absurd due to the collaboration of Epic Games and Nvidia to bypass Apple's restrictions on iPhone and iPad applications.

So far Apple has not commented.

Earlier in August, Epic Games sued Apple following the removal of Fortnite from the App Store. According to reports, Apple's action based on Epic Games' fault violated the cloud gaming rules outlined by the technology firm.

The dispute between the two firms eventually prompted Microsoft to intervene, condemning Apple's actions, which are thought to have had a major impact on digital game creators.