Nothing Can Prevent US Power Transitions - Biden

 US President-elect Joe Biden insists nothing will stop the transfer of power in the US government despite President Donald Trump determined to take legal action after alleging fraud in the count in several states during the recent Presidential Election .

Speaking in Delaware, Biden said his team was preparing to form a new government ahead of the Inauguration Day on January 20, regardless of what happened.

According to Biden, his team could not move to the federal government office or obtain any funds to appoint staff following Trump's instructions.

Trump's campaign team said it would file a lawsuit to prevent Michigan from confirming Biden as the winner in the state until the state government can prove that the vote count was valid.

However, legal experts say Trump's chances of changing the election results are slim and state government officials insist there was no fraud during the election.

In fact, Trump's allegations of fraud have not caught the public's attention. According to a survey conducted by Reuters / Ipsos, almost 80% of Americans recognize Biden as the winner.

Biden legitimately won the election after gaining more than 270 electoral votes over Trump last Saturday.