Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sorry Boris Johnson! Your Application Has Been Rejected

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to face pressure after the UK House of Lords on Monday rejected his bill that would allow him to violate the Brexit withdrawal agreement with the European Union (EU).

With 433 votes to 165, MPs rejected the controversial bill and received strong opposition when it was proposed by PM Johnson last September.

Parliament also voted to remove a clause that would allow ministers to re-draft part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Following that, the UK government expressed its disappointment over the rejection of the House of Lords and insisted that they would not back down from the plan.

In fact, it also says that they will re-table this clause when the bill returns to the House of Commons.

The internal market bill is designed to protect trade between four British countries after Brexit. It covers the clauses needed to protect Northern Ireland’s status as part of the UK.

The legislation has prompted the EU to take legal action while both parties are still embroiled in negotiations for a trade and security agreement.