Trump Still Grips US State Department, Blocks Dozens Of Messages For Biden

 Dozens of messages sent to the future President of the United States (US), Joe Biden from several foreign governments are apparently blocked by the US State Department.

In general, the U.S. Department of State encourages any communication related to the future president, which is why many countries started sending messages to the country over the past weekend.

However, because Trump was still unable to accept his defeat in the day-to-day elections, the message Biden was supposed to receive was blocked by the Trump administration.

In fact, there is nothing that the president should worry about because the message sent is just a congratulations to Biden for winning the recent election.

For now, Biden is reportedly in contact with foreign governments without the involvement of the US State Department and the figure has already made calls with several governments including German government Angela Merkel and Canadian government Justin Trudeau.

The communication was done without logistical support and translation, a facility provided by the US Department of State in receiving and making calls.

Not only that, Biden was also barred from getting a briefing as president, President’s Daily Brief.

If the Trump administration continues to be stubborn, blocking the transition until January 20, there is a possibility that the Biden administration will act decisively until the future president succeeds in taking office completely.