A Week of Silence, China Finally Congratulations Biden!

 China congratulates Joe Biden after nearly a week of being declared the winner of the US presidential election when Donald Trump still denied Biden victory by claiming there was fraud in this election.

"We respect the choices of the American people and congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Wang Wenbin said in a briefing in Beijing on Friday.

Wang said that China understands the outcome of the US election will be determined in accordance with national laws and procedures.

China was previously one of the big countries including Russia and Mexico who did not congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.

Since the U.S. media confirmed Biden’s victory, Trump has still not acknowledged his defeat and taken legal action to recount the votes in the states that were not in his favor.

Trump's four-year term in the White House has been marked by a trade war between the world's two largest economic powers. In fact, until the last minute of his administration, Trump still managed to restrict US investment in Chinese firms.