Wait a second! Elon Musk Positive COVID-19 Or not?

 Yesterday, CEO of Tesla Inc, Elon Musk claimed that he had undergone four coronavirus screening tests on the same day and the results were found to be two positive and two negative.

So..is it not COVID positive, Musk?

According to Musk in a Twitter post, the screening test was conducted using the same machine and screened by the same nurse using a Becton Dickinson and Co. quick test kit.

Not only that, the figure also admitted to undergoing several polymerase chain reaction tests (polymerase chain reaction, PCR) from different laboratories. The test results took 24 hours.

When asked about the symptoms, Musk replied that it was just a normal fever and no abnormal signs.

In September, Becton Dickinson explained that they had conducted an investigation into a report from the United States (US) health care home regarding a quick test kit that produced false positive results.

However, when asked to comment on the issue, Becton Dickinson remained silent.