UK Surrender - New Breath In Brexit Trade Agreement?

 The UK administration said on Monday that it was open to a sensible compromise on fisheries issues and that there was good progress between the two sides towards a Brexit trade deal during the new negotiations in London.

Britain left the European Union last January but to this day they are still working to reach an agreement that will regulate trade amounting to almost 1 trillion dollars before the unofficial membership known as the transition period ends on 31 December.

UK Department of Environment Secretary George Eustice said there were still differences and some obstacles that needed to be overcome but the good news was both sides were determined to sign this agreement.

After congratulating Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential election, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that the EU trade agreement should be finalized as soon as possible and now its objectives are clearer.

EU Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier also commented positively that he was very happy to continue trade talks in London.

Finally, the other side of Britain's highest house of parliament, the House of Lords, is scheduled for Monday to debate the Johnson Internal Market Bill, which would allow Britain to remove part of the Brexit 2020 agreement.

The GBP has strengthened 0.27% against the US dollar at the 1.3190 exchange rate since 10.10 p.m.