Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What has happened! US Must Pay Tax To EU!

 The European Union will impose tariffs on US $ 4 billion worth of US products today failing to reach an agreement in resolving the dispute over aircraft subsidies.

For all you know, the EU and the US have long faced a crisis on the issue since 2006. Last year, the World Trade Organization submitted a statement that the EU did not follow best trade practices when providing assistance to Airbus. Based on the decision, the US has imposed a tax on imports of $ 7.5 billion from Europe.

Last month, the WTO also ruled that the United States did not comply with international rules when subsidizing Boeing. As a result, the EU has decided to impose tariffs of up to $ 4 billion on the country's products.

According to the EU, they have tried to resolve the issue but the US is accused of not cooperating well.