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March 30, 2021

Biden Will Reveal Bigger Spending!

 U.S. President Joe Biden will unveil a new, larger spending plan this week to improve the nation’s infrastructure, fight climate change and strengthen federal security programs.

Worried that the U.S. would lag far behind China and other global economic rivals, Biden has vowed to rebuild infrastructure.

Biden will unveil his estimated $ 3 trillion plans at an event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

This will be the first step of his rule in fulfilling promises made in last year’s presidential election campaign to help the country affected by the pandemic crisis with the slogan ‘Build Back Better’.

This week also the White House intends to provide a preliminary draft of the 2022 budget plan to Congress.

The plan is expected to require a large increase in domestic spending starting next fiscal year, primarily targeting federal agencies that address education, climate change, and other Democratic priorities.