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March 30, 2021

Crypto Basics: What Are Bearish & Bullish?

 Bearish and bullish are among the terms that are often used in investing. It doesn’t matter if it’s stock or crypto investing, those two areas won’t get away with those terms.

Perhaps, for those who invest in stocks and jump into the crypto sector are already savvy about it. But not for those who are amateurs. Luckily there is an we to introduce you to bearish and bullish.

Bull Market

Bulls or bulls become a symbol to the financial markets that are in an uptrend or more accurately describe a positive movement towards the price for a long period of time.

Typically, investors will be optimistic or known as bullish.

This means that when investors claim to be bullish, they are confident of a long -term price spike (bull market). Usually, this is when investors will make a profit by selling crypto assets.

History: 2017 was a very famous year as a bullish year for Bitcoin. At the time, practically almost every day a new ICO was launched and, investors were very FOMO and optimistic with the price of crypto. Bitcoin managed to attract the attention of various groups from around the world with a price jump from $ 777 on January 11 to $ 19,497 on December 16, 2017.

Bear Market

Bears or bears become a symbol to the financial markets that are in a downtrend or more accurately describe negative movements towards prices for a long period of time.

Or more simply, it’s the opposite of a bull market. Bearish causes investors to be pessimistic, unsure of the future price of an asset.

The decline in asset prices over a long period of time is known as the bear market. This phase also caused investors ’emotions to be disturbed, especially FOMO causing them to sell out of fear of further losses. But, prudent investors will continue to save and be patient, HODLERs.

History: Bitcoin and the entire crypto market entered a bearish phase in 2018. At that point the price of crypto had fallen and investors began to lose confidence in the price of bitcoin and other coins. Bitcoin has slipped from $ 17,527 on January 6 to $ 3,236 on December 15, 2018.

Fortunately, however, the crypto market is alternately bullish and bearish. In fact, a temporary surge is also not necessarily a phase of transition from a bear market to a bull.

For example, a temporary decline does not mean bearish. If you see a price spike for a long period of time (example: a period of one year), it is still considered bullish. The closest example, in 2017 where Bitcoin several times showed a decline but based on a long period of time, overall, bitcoin recorded a surge (bullish).