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March 19, 2021

Ethereum Whales Record Decline!

 The number of addresses with over 10,000 ETHs has undergone a major change since Ethereum reached an all -time high (ATH), $ 2,050 on Feb. 20th.

Santiment records reveal, the number of wallets owning more than 10,000 ETHs, valued at about $ 17.7 million based on current prices, has declined 0.9% over the past four months, compared to a 7.2% decline for the number of wallets owning 100,000 to 10,000 ETHs.

Perhaps, the large gap is due to the addresses being owned by entities such as exchanges, large firms or institutional funds that need to keep assets directly or keys for investment.

ETHhub co -founder Anthony Sassano in a recent statement hopes more large firms and institutions increase their purchases and ownership of ETH with diverse purposes such as use as gas and betting in eth2.

At the same time, some address whales have incorporated more ETH into DeFi, causing the number of locked assets across protocols in the sector to reach all -time highs.

The Debank report revealed Ethereum’s locked volume in DeFi was approaching its peak at 9.6 million ETH. This represents 8.3% of total supply with an expected value of around $ 17 billion based on current prices. It is the first time since March 11.

At the same time, a total of 3.53 million ETH or $ 6.3 billion is at stake in Beacon Chain.

These two factors have contributed to asset holdings at price levels that have been moving around $ 1,800 since March 9th. At the time of writing, ETH is trading at $ 1,803 with a slight decline of 1.29% in 24 hours.