You must be wondering, how to open an account with a forex brokerage company? Which company is strong and offers ease of dealing, the security of funds, and most importantly has a strict regulatory body to guarantee your rights as a forex trader.

No need to worry! Just follow our guide and broker of choice. The selection of a brokerage firm is made based on consideration of the suitability of your level of trading experience.


Instant Trading Ltd is a global forex broker and has a high reputation.

InstaForex started in 2007 and has various Operating Licenses according to the suitability of the customer. Instant Trading Ltd. is authorized and licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Among the interesting features why we introduce you to this broker, is that for us it is the easiest broker to deal with, has many great additional functions in addition to its robustness through our experience has long used it.

Has a low minimum deposit value as low as USD10, has a wide range of easy-to-understand account types and non -confusing standard lot values. There are no deposit or withdrawal problems throughout our experience using it.

Promotions and contests, including many bonuses offered by this broker, are well used by traders.

Instaforex currently has 7 Million active Traders worldwide. Winning various awards from around the world shows the strength of this broker.

For us, this broker is suitable for all levels. It is also the ideal forex broker in all respects to be your first broker.



Did you know before you can deposit a forex account, to start trading, you need to have verified your identity.

Instaforex will ask you to confirm your email, mobile number by sending an SMS and identity verification. For identity verification, you only need to have a picture of the front of your IC.

Identity Confirm Document

It is a document to prove our identity. Here we can use the identity card as proof that we registered the account using the correct name.

You just need to snap a picture of the front of your IC using smartphones. Easy and fast! Make sure the image is clear.



You can continue to open a real account, do not be afraid. Demo accounts and so on you can "Add On" later because Instaforex it uses the system "one login" for the management of all accounts.

Step 1:

Please click here - CLICK HERE

Step 2:

Fill in the form and proceed until the end of the step.

Step 3:

Don't forget to check your email to verify your account!



The link to download the trading platform is sent to your email after you have registered a trading account as instructed above.

So you must first register an account by clicking the button above and fill in all the details for registration before starting.


Many traders start the steps in forex trading right, learn the right way, the right technique, try to be careful, and so on, but when CHOOSING THE RIGHT BROKER is not emphasized, many fall victim.

Many cases were reported to us, they were hit and deceived by unsound brokers. So much so that there are also those who cannot withdraw profit after struggling in this field.

This is our concern when many traders choose the wrong broker.

Therefore, we recommend that you register an account at our recommended broker, InstaForex Broker.

So just follow this guide we provide without any headaches later, and register using the link above for you to always be safe. We will be ready to help you!