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March 23, 2021

Robert Kiyosaki calls for investing in bitcoin

 While the number one cryptocurrency in the world continues to trade in a rather narrow (for itself) range, the whales of finance, investment, and the cryptocurrency sector continue to give advice. For example, the other day, the author of the world-famous bestseller "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki, called on the middle and lower class of Americans to invest in gold, silver, or bitcoin. According to the financial expert, the new half-trillion "helicopter money" (money that will be distributed to Americans just like that, according to Joe Biden's "economic rescue plan") will provoke inflation and make the lower and middle class poorer.

"Millions of people are very happy as the government approved a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Who wouldn't be happy to receive money just like that? The problem is that this kind of money makes the poor and the middle class poorer. Buy more gold, silver, and bitcoin," Kiyosaki wrote on Facebook.

Earlier, Kiyosaki also predicted the growth of bitcoin above $50,000 per coin, explaining this by the influx of new institutional investors. So while the predictions of the author of several bestsellers work, the problem is, are institutional investors themselves ready to continue to invest in bitcoin?

According to the latest opinion polls, a certain part of Americans is ready to use the funds accumulated during the pandemic for investment. In particular, for the purchase of bitcoins, gold, stocks, and bonds. However, the market is not only about small traders and investors. In the previous year, bitcoin has risen in price precisely due to the influx of large institutions. In any case, we always have technical analysis that reacts most quickly to any changes in the market. So far, according to it, there is an upward trend and a trend. Therefore, you need to continue looking towards $70,000.

Now, if bitcoin consolidates below the level of $52,300, then it will be possible to begin to consider alternative scenarios, in particular, a fall to the support area of $43,000-$44,000. As we said in previous articles, no asset in the world can grow constantly, no matter what Kiyosaki and other crypto experts say. The cryptocurrency has long needed a correction, however, as we said above, so far there are no grounds for its beginning in technical terms.

Meanwhile, the mining of new bitcoins does not stop for a second. Last week, miners' income broke all records and amounted to $52.3 million per day. Of course, such an increase in income is explained not only by an increase in computing power and, accordingly, an increase in the number of mined blocks but also by an increase in the cost of bitcoin itself. Thus, while bitcoin is expensive and has not started a new global round of decline, miners are trying to have time to get as many bitcoins as possible. But will they strive to sell all the mined coins?