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March 23, 2021

Tesla shares may rise five times over the next 3-4 years

 Tesla shares could rise to $ 3,000 apiece by 2025. This forecast was made by the investment company Ark Investment Management. According to their report, there are two scenarios. In the first scenario, the shares will show an increase of up to $ 1,500 apiece, in the second - up to $ 4,000 apiece. The company estimated the probability of each scenario at 25%. What is the basis for such a forecast? First, based on the fact that Tesla is constantly increasing sales of electric vehicles. The electric car industry is relatively new, so, like everything new, it will actively develop. Moreover, the governments of many countries of the world were and still are interested in switching to "green energy". For example, in the UK, there is a law according to which all residents of the country must switch to electric cars by 2050. The state, if a citizen wants to switch to an electric car, will subsidize the purchase, help with cheap loans. Thus, the demand for electric cars will only grow. Further, the demand for Tesla electric cars will only grow, as this company is constantly on the rumor, and their electric cars are different from electric cars from other manufacturers. But even if Tesla loses its leading position, this does not mean that its shares will fall. The overall demand for electric cars will still grow. It is reported that in 2020, the company sold about 500,000 cars. It is expected that by 2025, the number of cars sold annually will increase to 5-10 million. Secondly, electric cars will become cheaper over time. That will, of course, increase the demand for them even more. Third, Tesla is actively developing other types of" modern " business. For example, the company does not shy away from investing in bitcoin at all. Of course, it is still difficult to say where this adventure will lead them, but do not forget that bitcoin is not a hump and you can get rid of it by selling it on the exchange. Fourth, the Tesla's technology. It is expected that in the next 10 years the company will be able to create self-driving cars, robotaxi. Of course, at first, they are unlikely to be in great demand, but electric cars also did not immediately become popular, and even 20 years ago, few people thought about a car that does not require gasoline or gas.

As for the technical picture, Tesla shares are still at the very beginning of a supposedly new upward trend. The technique shows that at the moment the price is below the Ichimoku cloud, so the further upward movement is still far from obvious. However, the price rebounded from the critical Kijun-sen line on Friday, which slightly increased the chances of further growth. Thus, the long-term outlook for Tesla shares is simply gorgeous. In the short term, everything will now depend on the Kijun-sen line. If the bulls keep the price above this line, then sooner or later the movement to the north will resume.