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May 4, 2021

DeFi Market Greens With AAVE, Maker (MKR) & Compound (COMP) Surge

 While Ethereum (ETH) recorded its latest all -time high (ATH) early this morning at $ 3,450, the surge also brought good news for Maker (MKR), Aave (AAVE) and Compound (COMP) investors.


Driven by several factors including the update of the liquidation mechanism and the development of the list of approved collateral, the token has shown a positive price performance throughout April.

Based on DappRadar data, total value locked in (TVL) on the Maker platform has soared throughout April and is now at a value of $ 11.09 billion, making it the first DeFi Ethereum platform based on TVL’s record.


The growth of the AAVE ecosystem was so significant in mid -April after the launch of the project on the Polygon network. The launch is part of an effort to expand the scale of the protocol while the rest is on the Ethereum network.

TVL’s record rise that began on April 25 was in line with AAVE’s 55% price jump from a low of $ 315 to a value of $ 534 on May 3. Migration has the potential to attract more new users and it is not impossible to bring token prices to higher levels.


After hitting a price of $ 430 in April, the COMP price continued to jump 104% to its latest record high, $ 879 on May 2nd.

Apparently this positive movement was driven by serial governance votes and approvals of a second group of development grant recipients.

Previously, TVL in the Compound protocol had surpassed the $ 11 billion mark in mid -April before declining in the wake of the entire gloomy crypto market.

At the time of writing, within 24 hours each recorded a value:

MKR: $ 5,477 (up almost 1%)

AAVE: $ 483 (down almost 3%)

COMP: $ 793 (down over 2%)