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May 3, 2021

This is why KFC failed in Israel

 In many countries of the world, why is the leading fast food restaurant franchise, KFC scope in Israel?

In this article, the author will explore the reasons why KFC is difficult to 'live' in Israel.

KFC is the second largest fast food restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s.

People in this country in particular love KFC. Once upon a time there was an era when people in this country considered KFC more than just fast food.

Ever or not, you experience a situation like if the exam results are excellent, your parents will buy KFC as a reward.

Any form of banquet such as a birthday party or a class party at school, the main choice is of course KFC. Just dial a number or message through the app, straight to your home. It's as easy as that.

KFC Malaysia once held a promotion on 20/2/2020 by offering a ‘snack plate’ for 2 sets priced at only RM20.

The promotion made Malaysians have to wait in long lines because many did not want to miss out on the promotion.

The impact of KFC on the people of this country is great but why is KFC not getting encouraging response in Israel?

KFC has failed 3 times in Israel. KFC ‘tried its luck’ from the 1980s and in 2012, KFC closed its operations in Israel.

As we all know, Israelis are mostly Jewish and they only eat ‘kosher’ food.

‘Kosher’ is a term used to describe foods that adhere to strict dietary standards by traditional Jewish rules.

This ‘kosher’ food does not contain pork and all animals eaten must be slaughtered, just as required in Islam. In addition, kosher foods also prohibit mixing dairy products with meat.

Because KFC fried chicken has a main ingredient that contains milk powder, the Jews vehemently reject KFC which is considered not ‘kosher’.

So, KFC also made a study for 2 years to process KFC recipes to be 'kosher'. KFC acted to replace milk powder with soy flour.

However, unfortunately the fried chicken was not tasty, it did not taste the same as the original KFC fried chicken. The flour mixture is also not well -mixed, all wrong.

Unlike McDonald’s food, its main menu is burgers and if removing cheese from its menu, will not have any effect on the taste of the burger.

On that factor, Jews have no problem eating McDonald’s food.

However, the product from the United States (US) did not know the meaning of despair when KFC once again tried its luck in Israel.

In February last year, KFC re -entered the Israeli market and opened three branches there. This time, KFC retained its original recipe.