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June 14, 2021

Damn Pounds Like This!

 Hopes for the UK to lift the entire coronavirus ban may be dashed after the government reportedly is considering postponing plans to lift coronavirus restrictions completely in the country.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce the moratorium today, where the sanctions, which are supposed to end on June 21, will be extended for another two to four weeks.

The move follows a sharp increase in cases from the Delta variant first detected in India, where it now makes up over 90% of new coronavirus infections.

Government health officials expressed concern over the variant as it was partially unaffected by the vaccine, and 40% more easily spread than the Alpha variant first detected in the UK before.

According to reports, the UK will conduct a survey in the first two weeks, and could lift all restrictions on July 5 if hospital case admissions remain low. Otherwise, the ban may be extended further until July 19th.

Following the report, the pound opened lower at the opening of the Asian session, as well as the re -strengthening of the US dollar ahead of the FOMC policy meeting this week.