China Warns UK! What is this case?

 China has warned the Carrier Strike Group of the UK (UKCSG), led by HMS Queen Elizabeth not to commit ‘improper actions’ when entering the disputed South China Sea.

The British Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been in the spotlight since this week, with Chinese -run media and diplomats accusing Britain of causing trouble in disputed South China Sea waters on U.S. orders.

Both the U.S. warships and the UK Royal Navy have recently deliberately challenged China’s claim to sovereignty in the South China Sea through it.

Earlier, local media which is also pro-Chinese government, Global Times reported that the Chinese Navy is now at a high level of combat readiness in the face of any eventuality.

China has been closely monitoring the progress on the east side of the ships, which are currently sailing through the South China Sea en route to Japan.

Not only that, but China also conducted extensive military exercises in the region this week, conducting offensive exercises on the coast with actions that worried some analysts that they were preparing to attack Taiwan.

The PLA Navy will use the UK Carrier Strike Group’s presence in the South China Sea “as an opportunity to train and learn Britain’s latest warships up close”, the Global Times reported.

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