Enra Kimia Sold For RM50 Million

 Enra Energy Sdn Bhd is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Enra Group Bhd has received a Letter of Offer (LO) from Hextar Global Bhd and Ekopintar Sdn Bhd.

The LO is intended to implement the purchase of the entire issued share capital of its subsidiary Enra Kimia Sdn Bhd with a value of RM50 million.

According to information to Bursa Malaysia, the group said Hextar Global and Ekopintar proposed to buy 49% and 51% of the entire issued share capital of Enra Kimia, respectively.

A total of 10% equivalent to RM5 million will be paid upon signing the definitive agreement and the remaining 90% (RM45 million) will be paid after the date of completion of the proposed sale.

The group stated that Enra and the buyer will use all reasonable efforts to negotiate as well as agree on the terms and conditions including the date of completion of the definitive agreement on 30 July 2021 before 5.00 pm.

The LO will be canceled if the parties involved do not sign a definitive agreement before the stipulated time.

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