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July 15, 2021

Facebook & Instagram Invest $ 1 Billion In ‘Content Creator’

 Through the Facebook statement, Facebook’s investment will include a rewards program to pay creators who can reach a certain level on its apps including a photo -sharing service on Instagram.

Facebook will also spend as much as $ 1 billion as a reward to content creators until the end of 2022 in honoring outstanding talent.

The statement was announced about a week ago when TikTok became a mobile application that has garnered 3 billion downloads globally.

The social media giant will fund users to produce content and will attract creators with major fan followers from platforms such as Alphabet, Youtube and TikTok.

Due to constantly gaining response, TikTok remains committed to spending $ 2 billion in aspects to support the creator for three years.

In addition, Snapchat also pays creators around $ 1 million per day to post popular short videos on its service.

According to Sensor Tower, with a download rate of 3 billion, Tiktok is the fifth non -gaming app to join the historic stage of becoming Facebook’s exclusive domain.

On the main platform, Facebook says that video creators and online gamers will receive monthly rewards if they are able to reach the rating target to earn Stars.

Stars is a form of digital tip that fans can use to reward their favorite creators during video streaming.

While for Instagram, the rewards program will include incentives in the use of Reels which is the same as TikTok. Creators will receive rewards based on the reputation of their Reels videos.