Indeed Cun! Stacks (STX) Remains Outstanding Performance

 The STX price movement continued to exhibit an aggressive pattern in early August to record a 30%increase.

Several factors in DeFi’s project planning for the recent Bitcoin network continue to influence the positive impact of the hike.

It was also revealed on StacksOrg's Twitter feed.

Check out the new NFTs on Stacks resources from @hirosystems to help you build them!

The resources, focused on NFT creation with Clarity smart contracts, include an NFT tutorial and docs about PoX.

Learn more: https: //

- stacksfoundation.btc (@StacksOrg) August 1, 2021

The Stacks network also uses a new mining protocol called Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) that is parallel to Bitcoin and uses the BTC network as a broadcast medium.

Examining the STX/USDT chart,

The STX price movement is seen to have managed to pass the HH (higher high) and the high level reached in July around $ 1.40 to remain with the bullish trend.

If the price continues to jump, the resistance level around $ 1.65 which is the strongest support level in April and May will return.

The $ 2 level will be the next focus if the $ 1.65 resistance level is successfully broken for the STX price to re -test the all -time high (ATH) level at the $ 2.70 level.

However, if the price movement declines again, the price is expected to hover at the level of RBS (resistance become support) $ 1.40 to wait for the next movement.

The next RBS level around $ 1.20 will be the key level to test if the STX price continues to show a lower decline.

As of 3.00pm local time, the STX price ‘rocketed’ above 15% to trade at around $ 1.44.

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