It's getting warmer! German warships were directed to the South China Sea

 Germany is reported to have sent warships to the South China Sea for the first time in nearly two decades, in a recent move that will further escalate tensions between Western countries and China.

The frigate, known as Bayern (Bavaria), departed from German naval base Wilhelmshaven on Monday during a ceremony attended by the country’s defense secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

"Together with its allies, Germany would like to show more of its presence in the Indo-Pacific region," the German navy said in a statement.

The ship is expected to cross the South China Sea in mid -December, making it the first German warship to cross the region since 2002.

China has previously claimed almost all of the archipelago’s wealth of energy and natural resources, where it has set up military posts on artificial islands.

The United States and other countries, meanwhile, are disputing claims to the territory, and the U.S. Navy regularly conducts operations referred to as ‘freedom of navigation’ in waters passing through some of these islands.

The United States also received support from allies in efforts to oppose China's territorial claims in the area. France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have also recently increased their activities in the Pacific as symbolic against China.

Last week, a group of UK warships led by the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the South China Sea despite warnings from Beijing.

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