September 20, 2021

Crypto MINA is speeding up like a sledgehammer!

 MINA, the first digital currency to use a "succinct blockchain", was built to reduce the computational requirements to run DApps more effectively.

Described as the lightest blockchain in the world, it is compressed from 100GB to KB in size and it remains balanced in terms of security and decentralization.

The project was rebranded from Coda Protocol to Mina in October 2020.

Since her listing on Binance on August 10, 2021, Mina has seen a consistent surge to hit the latest all -time high (ATH) of $ 6.50 on September 14.

Mina’s surge was supported by Polygon’s joint integration last week.

Next, let's look at the current movement chart of the MINA/USDT price.

MINA can be seen to have managed to produce a consistent jump of over 160% after being listed from Binance.

From a technical point of view, the MINA price movement is still supported by a relatively strong uptrend and is hovering in the RBS (resistance become support) $ 5.50 zone.

As for further expectations, if MINA returns to see positive price movement, the $ 6.20 resistance zone is the next target to test before continuing the higher surge.

The zone is also likely to be decisive for MINA to make an aggressive leap and make the latest ATH if it manages to penetrate the zone.

Meanwhile, if MINA remains in a bearish pattern, the $ 5.50 RBS (resistance become support) zone needs to be tested first to either make a rebound or continue the decline to a lower level.

At the time of writing, MINA is trading around the $ 5.60 level down over 4% in the last 24 hours. Coins are currently ranked 81st in the crypto market.