September 20, 2021

"Profit Tens Of Thousands A Day In Stocks But Not Taxable" - Syed Saddiq

 Following the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, DS Najib Razak a.k.a ‘Bossku’ commenting on the proposal for the government to open space for international crypto platforms into the country at the Dewan Rakyat conference yesterday, has triggered various reactions by the community.

Today is hot on social media Twitter where a video comment from YB Muar & political opposition, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman in the Dewan Rakyat stating that stock investors who achieve lucrative profits should be taxed.

Shortly afterwards Syed Saddiq had suggested that the government create a fair taxation system for stock investors.

According to his allegation, some businesses that make a profit of around RM3,000 to RM4,000 are taxed but stock investors who make tens of thousands a day are not taxed at all.

One Twitter user named @stockguy01 who has 11.5k followers has criticized and refuted the statement made by Syed Saddiq.

The Twitter user also explained that Syed Saddiq did not know about the real profits of stock investors while the majority of Bursa stock investors were mostly at a loss.

Deck because the statement hurled by him has invited various reactions from stock investors who use Twitter.

Now this is the sape who told Syed Saddiq who plays stocks a day can get tens of thousands of ringgit?

The majority actually loses on this BursašŸ¤£.

- Stockguy (@stockguy01) September 17, 2021