‘Whale Gang’ Game Becomes More Aggressive, Microstrategy Adds More Over 5000 BTC!

 Microstrategy CEO Michale Saylor recently announced that his company has decided to further increase its holdings of Bitcoin (BTC). The latest 5,050 bitcoins have been successfully added and cost about $ 242.9 million.

Microstrategy buys BTC at an average price of $ 48,099 per Bitcoin. In Saylor's tweet on his Twitter, "as of 12/9/2021, Microstrategy has held a total of 114,042 BTC which were on average purchased at a price of $ 27,713 per Bitcoin."


With this purchase, Saylor has kept his promise announced during the earnings report in the second quarter to buy more bitcoin. In the third quarter of 2020, Microstrategy formally bought a total of 8,957 Bitcoins estimated at $ 419.9 million. While the average price per Bitcoin is $ 46,875.

To date, the company holds approximately 114,042 Bitcoins, acquired at an aggregate purchase price of $ 3.16 billion and an average price per Bitcoin of $ 27,713 per Bitcoin, including fees and expenses. The company owns the most Bitcoin compared to any other public company in the world.

This purchase is made after the sale of their stock. In the third quarter, Microstrategy sold 555,179 units of shares worth approximately $ 399.9 million in total.

As of writing, the BTC price is trading at $ 44,693.53 per unit, down 3% in 24 hours.

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