November 15, 2021

In This Country, You Will Be 'Locked Up' If You Are Not Vaccinated

 About 2 million people who have not yet been fully vaccinated have been placed under lockdown orders in Austria in response to the resurgence of coronavirus cases.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told them they had to take this step because it was necessary to curb the growing cases of Covid-19 infection.

Residents who are not vaccinated will only be allowed to leave home for certain reasons, such as working or buying food.

Austria became one of the countries with the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe, where so far only about 65% of the population has received the full vaccine.

Meanwhile, the infection rate in seven days increased to more than 800 cases per 100,000 people, which is one of the highest in Europe.

In recent weeks, Europe has once again become the region most directly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, forcing some countries to introduce sanctions and warnings of an increase in cases.

For starters, the move will last for 10 days starting on Monday, during which children under the age of 12 and individuals who have just recovered from the virus will be excluded.

Indeed, the decisions made are not easy to accept just like that. Over the weekend, hundreds of citizens staged a protest outside the chancellery in the capital Vienna vehemently opposed the move.