November 22, 2021

What can be expected to happen to Bursa this week?

 Do not Monday Blues, read the stocks first.

Inter-Pacific Securities Co.

Inter-Pacific, said in a statement said the Malaysian equity market ended strongly last week after the main index posted a small increase on Friday and ended the trade approaching its highest level.

He added that the purchase turns on Telco and Banking shares helped the FBM KLCI increase despite the widespread market and the performance of the lower company mixed.

The market area is incurred towards a positive direction although the volume remains low below the 3.0b level due to the lack of buying interest and key indexes is expected to support the 1,520 level that can serve as a springboard for a high short-term increase.

In the meantime, Inter-Pacific increases, low stocks and widespread markets also see signs of improvement especially shares listed in Small Cap looking for the basis after their ongoing downtrend.