5 High Performance Technology Stocks In 2021

 Technology is developing don't worry.

Technology stocks have received less attention since mid -November 2021 due to inflationary concerns and rate hike concerns that have prompted investors to shift away from the software sector and internet companies.

However, there are still some investors who invest in technology stocks as there is high demand for crypto mining processing, helping game development and connecting more devices to the internet in addition to demand for Fintech, cloud software and cybersecurity.

Below are 5 high -profit technology stocks in the United States (US) with a value in excess of US $ 5 billion.

Upstart-its shares rose 264% in early 2021 with a market value doubling from US $ 1.5 billion to US $ 12 billion in just one year and 3rd quarter revenue up 250% to US $ 228 million

Synaptics - its shares are up 189% this year after 16 years of publicity

Asana-its shares are up 164% in 2021 on the back of revenue growth of 70% in the 2nd and 3rd quarters

Fortinet - its shares rose 133% with an increased market value of US $ 57 billion

Nvidia - its share is up 127% in 2021 with an increased market value of US $ 741 billion

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