December 27, 2021

3 Coins With The Greatest & Worst Performance Of 2021!

 Another few days before 2021 draws the curtain.

The crypto market this year can be said to show remarkable development. The value of the crypto market recorded a 190% jump from below $ 800 million to over $ 2.3 trillion at the time of writing the article.

For the record, the crypto market value hit an all -time high (ATH), $ 2.975 trillion in early November.

At the same time, some crypto assets recorded sustained movements and some vice versa.

3 Best Coins 2021

Dogecoin (DOGE)

At the beginning of the new year 2021, the value of DOGE traded at $ 0.004.

April and May brought DOGE to its latest ATH record, $ 0.731 on May 8 and DOGE became the top 4th crypto asset.

However since ATH in May, DOGE recorded a decline but there is no denying this asset recorded a jump of up to 16,275% over the year.

Solana (SOL)

SOL value in early 2021: $ 1.52.

But its value now reaches over $ 200 at the time of writing the article.

SOL posted ATH on Nov. 6 with a trading value, $ 260.21, making its highest jump of more than 22,341% in less than a year.

Earth (MOON)

The coin touted by Sis Kripto last week recorded a jump of more than 38.764% when it touched the ATH level, $ 103.73 early this morning.

LUNA traded at just $ 0.65 at the start of 2021.12.27.

The LUNA surge is driven by collaborations that are expanding the Terra ecosystem, including the growing demand for UST.

3 Falling Coins 2021

Internet Computer (ICP)

ICP penetrated the crypto market with an ATH value of $ 2,838 on May 11 after its 5 -year development.

The asset posted a sharp decline to an all -time low (ATL), $ 19.94 on Dec. 20, making a loss of up to nearly 100% in 7 months from ATH’s record.


EOS was knocked out of the top 10 coins in early 2021, now ranked 51st in the CoinMarketCap chart.

The asset posted a 537% increase over 2021 after hitting a daily high, $ 14.90.

Worse, since depreciation from ATH, $ 22.89 on April 29, 2018, EOS has depreciated over 85% based on the value at the time of this writing, $ 3.40.

Currency (XMR)

XMR rose more than 326%, touching the ATH level, $ 522 on May 7th.

But, based on its current value of $ 221.94, XMR has slipped over 82% and is now ranked 44th in the CoinMarketCap chart.

Are you relieved with the achievements of each coin?